About the session

Due to my extensive training in various body therapies and different craniosacral traditions, every session I offer is unique, focusing on the needs of each client. 

The sessions start with an initial talk and assessment, continue with hands-on techniques (which can vary from a firm and deep touch to a more gentle and subtle one) and end in stillness. And although my main focus is directed towards the physical bodily structures: nervous system, muscles, bones, joints, connective-tissue), I integrate in my work the emotional and energetic structures as well. 

I am primarily working within the tradition of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, where stillness, presence and non-doing are the core principles. The Breath of Life, which is the inherent life-force of the body, becomes the main therapeutic medium. 

My wish is to create and hold a safe and mindful space where all of you are welcome, all of you are invited.

A session lasts all in all about 60 minutes, this including the initial assessment talk and the landing back after the body therapy journey itself.