I had been looking for a form of alternative body therapy that makes a real, long lasting change in my everyday life and my journey happened to lead me to craniosacral therapy, a very gentle, yet powerful bodywork treatment. The first session I received, back in 2012, had such a huge impact on me that I knew I had to master this and offer it to others. Perhaps, you also feel the longing for inner healing, vitality and your quest lead you here. 

I am fascinated by the incredible beauty and intelligence of the body. In my eyes, the body is born out of wholeness and holds within the capacity to restore and heal itself. And my wish as a craniosacral therapist is to invite the body back to its original vibrant health and balance. 

My work, although rooted in anatomy, is deeply intuitive. With my knowing hands I listen to the body, feeling where the blockages and tensions sit, and invite them to melt, so that you can live your best life, enjoying a body that moves with ease and fluidity.  

Prior to my deep dive into body therapy and the healing arts, I had studied philosophy, sociology and anthropology.  I find that this background both gives me a unique insight into the depths of the human being, and it offers me a strong foundation to my practice as a craniosacral body therapist. 

Livia Grintescu, 2021


BA Philosophy 2009
BA Sociology 2010
MA Anthropology 2012
Structural Integration at Mana Institute 2012
Craniosacral Therapy at Stanley Rosenberg Institute 2012-2014
Rosenberg Teknik – Bindevævsmassage at Stanely Rosenberg Institute 2013
Tensegrity at Stanley Rosenberg Institute 2014
Integrated Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Integratedyinyoga Studio 2014
Advanced Crania-Sacral Manipulation at Fulcrum Institute 2016
Biodynamic Cranial Touch (mentorship with Giorgia Milne) at Touch of Presence 2017-2018
Advanced Biodynamic Cranial Touch (with Chrales Ridley) 2018-2019
Anatomi og fysiologi at Karsten Munk Akademiet 2019
Patologi og sygdomslære at Karsten Munk Akademiet 2019
Sundhedspsykologi / Klientpsykologi at Karsten Munk Akademiet 2020

I am  Registreret Alternativ Behandler (RAB)  and a member of the  Kranio Sacral and Body Therapy Denmark association in Denmark.

“It’s also helpful to realize that this very body that we have, with its aches and its pleasures, is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, and fully alive.” 

Pema Chodron