Craniosacral Therapy and concussions

We all know that a concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury, commonly caused by accidentally hitting the head, or by a jolt that causes the head to move back and forwards (even sideways), beyond its limits.  

But for someone affected by it, it actually means a complete life change. And that is because of the fatigue, discomfort and frustration that come along with it. Suddenly some of the everyday things that brought meaning and joy become impossible to cope with. It is like running on a reserve battery all of the time. And the eyes are the first organ that feels most affected by a concussion. Thus, being behind a screen, or watching television can be exhausting, even sunlight can feel like too much. 

Other side effects that a concussion patient might be dealing with are:  lack of concentration, headaches, loss of memory, balance problems. 

Concussions can vary in intensity and in the time it takes to heal from them. Some of the worst types of concussions are those where the person didn’t see it coming. For example something falling from above and hitting your head, or a car that crashed into yours unexpectedly from behind. In trauma therapy this is called a “camel kick”. It is harder to deal with, because of the shock that comes along with it. The nervous system goes in a state of fear and freezes there. Life itself feels threatening, and there is a part of one self that expects that something dangerous can happen at any time. In these cases the shock must be addressed and freed from one’s nervous system so the healing process may begin. 

Moreover, healing from a concussion is not a straight line, it is more likely to be a spiral process. And this is the most frustrating part of all. Here you are getting better, being able to take on more chores and have more energy for your family and friends and then all of the sudden feels like you’re to scratch. If you are suffering from a concussion, you need to learn how to not give more than you can. You need to learn how much you can cope with, and stop before your limits are crossed.

Craniosacral therapy can be of great benefit in healing from concussion. At a general level, craniosacral therapy allows the body and the nervous system, which has been shaken up by the impact and trauma of the injury, to re-set. 

When you hit your head, it is not only the brain that suffers, the bones that form the skull usually get jammed into each other. At a localized level, craniosacral therapy helps realign the cranium bones back to their initial position. By releasing the restrictions and tensions from the bones and tissues of the skull, the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid is improved. As a result the brain readjusts within the skull (floats freely) and starts healing. As the bones of the skull are helped back into place and trapped nerves are released, the headaches and tensions disappear, you have more energy and slowly but surely you start taking your life back into your hands.